JKJ Benefits can provide you with complete employee benefits brokerage and consulting services. We have the expertise to create, redesign or manage your benefit plan. We take a customized approach to our services and provide you with the service package that you need. Below you will find a description of services we can provide to you and your employees.


Strategic Benefits Planning

We will review and provide guidance on your health and welfare plans based upon your corporate objectives. It is important for us to understand your business, your corporate philosophy, your demographics, your current benefit structure and history in order to meet your objectives. Once we have obtained information on your current benefit plan or understand the changes you want to implement, we will discuss a short (1-2 years) and/or long term strategy (3-5 years) for budget and planning purposes.


Financial Review

We will periodically review your plan performance and rate structure using experience and utilization reports that are available. Depending on the size of your group, these can be done on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Financial reviews can be provided on each line of coverage and most often include premiums/fees, claims, and contributions to determine total cost of the plan. (Smaller employers are limited as to the availability of these reports and are very limited on detailed claims experience.) With this information, we will review employer/employee funding for appropriateness and make recommendations. With today’s medical trend increases, it is important to understand your costs and how you can better manage the corporate dollars.


Renewal (See Also Marketing Below)

Each year we will request your renewals and track receipt to ensure timely delivery to you to allow adequate time for decisions within your benefit enrollment calendar. During the renewal process, we will:

Once enrollment is completed, we will assist with the final review of the billing statements, SPD or contract updates and any compliance needed with the renewal or changes.



If the renewal dictates or if a new plan offering is requested, we will develop a marketing strategy for the benefit/service to ensure the most comprehensive choice for you and your employees. With your input, we will develop the request for proposal, and determine the list of carriers/vendors that are best suited for the market evaluation. Based on the location of your employees, further review of the networks may be performed to determine the best possible fit for your employee base especially if there are several multistate locations. Upon receipt of the proposal from the carrier/vendors, we will prepare a comparison of plan design and rates. A summary of our recommendations will be provided for your review.



We will assist in the completion of all installation items and requirements from beginning to end.



We will provide State and Federal Legislative updates affecting your Employee Benefit Programs. As part of our compliance process, we will review your plan documents for compliance from a non-legal perspective, review reporting requirements based on the size of your group, and review administrative processes to determine if there are areas of concern. If desired, we will partner with legal experts and coordinate a complete compliance audit. Some of the more common compliance areas that we serve are:


Employee/Employer Communications

We will assist our clients with a communication strategy that will maximize the employee understanding and appreciation of the employee benefit programs. We offer clients online tools to facilitate onboarding, enrollment, event tracking, time off, billing and administration as well as design, print and distribute paper enrollment/communication options.


HR Support

We understand benefits are just one area that HR has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. That is why we provide HR360 for daily legal/compliance questions, safety training courses, handbook creation and much more. For additional education, there are emails targeted to HR Best Practices, Legal and Compliance, Health Care Reform and HR Insights. These tools as well as our benefits administration technology will provide HR with additional resources.


On-Going Account Management

We will serve as a liaison between you and the carrier/vendor on all aspects of your benefit program. We will assist in resolving elevated issues between you and the carrier/vendor or act as an employee/employer advocate in resolving ongoing claims issues.

We understand the benefits challenges that can occur daily in your business. We pride ourselves on being a member of your team and providing excellent customer service. Sometimes the situations do not fall into one of the above categories, but know that we specialize in customized solutions for all of your benefits needs.