JKJ Benefits is a women owned benefits consulting and administration technology firm located in that Fort Worth, Texas. We provide full-service employee benefits brokerage, and consulting along with administration technology to ease the burden of your benefits offering. Our desire is to partner with employers who need new approach for administration, and education their employee benefits in ever changing, compliance driven, complicated system.

We are an independent brokerage firm.  We work with all quality carriers, and administrators.  We are not limited by size, industry, or location of employer. Our team utilizes our vast experience and creativity to develop programs will educate your employees on value of benefits package at you offer to help attract and retain your valued employees.

We know that small companies need benefit design choices as much as large companies; and often have less staff the deal with the complexities of programs. Complex issues such as multi-location employers are issues that accustomed to solving. JKJ Benefits will provide these resources of large/regional brokerage with very custom and personal touch.  We serve our clients, with the same respect and attention, regardless of size. We treat you like we want to be treated.

Our commitment the quality and detail set us apart from our competitors. Our goal is provide quality, consistent customer service with integrity. These traits define who are with our clients, our carriers/vendors, and our families and friends.